Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Update to 2017

Update to goals of 2017

1. It is happening, I fear it is  not going to be pretty, but it is happening. (Done)

2. Done Everything but my BC has the correct info. now to hope the government doesn't claw back the rules that allow me to be a normal person in society.

3. Done, well in progress ;) 40+ hours by end of the year. Plus 6 laser sessions which allows me to shave once or twice a week instead of daily. Whoo-hoo

4. Biking has been kinda of a wash this year, maybe as fall happens I'll get more in. I've ridden about the same amount as last year. Did a shorter thumb trip, rode copper harbor with Funshine and a handful of fun rides in Detroit other than Slow Roll and the Tour.

5. Met a girl,Smart, independent, beautiful. We'll see what the future brings. (it fell through still friends)

6. Nope, LOF killed me this year and taking time to travel with Giggles, Funshine and Pink burnt my vacation time up. Maybe next year I'll just cross the big burn off my bucket list.

7. Nice thought past self... Best you're getting is electro and laser.

8. Not yet, maybe on hold long term. I still want a biking tattoo, and would like additional piercings but Money is tight this year due to art and travel. (nope)

9 Partial, Took a short tour with Funshine. Went to ontario and Isle royale camped 30+ nights this year

10. Trying, but disengaged most of the time. To constantly follow these clowns is painful and exhausting

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